Friday, 20 July 2007

Birthday Parties

It is the 28th 0ctober 1959,Mack the Knife by Bobby Darrin (loved that song as a kid) is Number one in the charts,I am 2 years old,Lets have a party!
Looking at this picture now brings back mostly food related memories.
Look closely and you may notice just to the right of the the cake (which I dont remember at all) a jelly on a plate.This was bright orange and shaped like a rabbit.In front of this is one of my fondest childhood memories
Cocktail cherries,cream,custard,strawberry jelly and best of all-the bottom layer of some sort of sponge cake soaked in real sherry.
There are those who would argue with the wisdom of serving such an alchohol laced confection to a child and it is certainly a bit of a no no at todays children's parties.
I ran the suggestion past my two daughters that perhaps it would be a good alternative to the chicken nuggets,pizza and sausage rolls,but this was roundly mocked,as usual. Surprisingly the jelly rabbit idea didn't go down well either.
But in 1959 we were made of sterner stuff and though I must admit I didn't think much of the taste at first; I persevered and my relationship with both the trifle and alchohol generally blossomed.
I cannot say the same for that other 60's party fave the dreaded blancmange.I believe this has now been outlawed in most countries or at least was supeceded when Angel Delight came out in the 70's
I still don't like parties.


Gary C said...

Angel Delight was an amazing breakthrough in desserts, I alway believed it was probably invented by NASA. The small sachets could easily be taken into space.

Jennifer [StarKnight Captain 'Sunshine'] said...

I'll actually admit, I had never had any of the desserts you've mentioned, Steve. I am now very, very curious!!

I mean, what did they taste like? *shrug*

Cheers from America!!

~ 'Sunshine'

Leigh said...

Happy birthday for the other day Steve!

Leigh said...

ps. hope the wife bought you a 'Leopard' :-)

Anonymous said...

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