Thursday, 21 June 2007


Hello my name is Stephen Morris

The title of this blog is a little misleading as I am not 50 today. It refers instead to something called the Today Generation which is a project being set up by Radio 4's Today Programme.
It seems that the Today Programme was first broadcast on the 28th October 1957, the same day that I first entered the world.
So a group of people who share this birthday have been asked to share our thoughts and memories of the past half century in various ways including cluttering up the (already over cluttered) Internet with our words and pictures- so here goes.

When I was born I lived with my parents in a house in Gawsworth Road, Maccclesfield a town in which I still reside today.
Not in the same house and not with my parents anymore,obviously.
Paul Anka topped the pop charts with the song Diana
The picture above is of me and my sister Amanda in the garden at Gawsworth road in the early 60s.I practice scowling as I throw what was perhaps the first of many sulks.
More later when I think of something interesting to write about- this blogging malarky is more tiring than it looks.